Monel alloy 400 is the basic nickel-copper alloy, widely used where superior corrosion resistance and moderate high or low temperature properties are needed. Notched-bar impact test shows Monel 400 is very tough. Monel 400 has structural strength, yet ductile, and excellent corrosion resistance in most environments. Conventional shop working practices can be used to fabricate Monel 400.

Typical Uses: For the chemical, electrical and marine field as acid and alkali tanks, heat exchangers, diaphragms, connectors, valves, pump shafting and hardware.

Nominal Chemical Composition:
Nickel 66.5%
Carbon 0.15%
Manganese 1.0%
Iron 1.25%
Sulfur .012%
Silicon 0.25%
Copper 31.5%

Typical Mechanical & Physical Properties
Tensile Strength, psi     (Cold Drawn Rod) 100,000
Yield strength, psi     (Cold Drawn Rod) 75,000
Elongation, %     (Cold Drawn Rod) 28
Density, Lbs./Cu. In. 0.318
Specific Heat (Btu/Lb./°F) 0.102
Thermal Expansion (In/In°/F x 10~6)70°F 6.4
Thermal Conductivity (Btu/Sq. Ft./Hr./In./°F)70° 151
Electrical Resistivity (Ohm/Circ/Mil/Ft)70° 307
Modulus of Elasticity, psi 26,000,000
Melting Range 2370-2460
Curie Temperature °F 20-50
Poisson's Ratio 0.32
Color Code Blue

Cold forming requires forces between those mild steel aned AISI T304. Hot forming is readily accomplished within the range of 1200-2150°F.

Monel alloy 400 can be easily welded, in all positions, using Monel 190 electrodes. For submerged arc, MIG and TIG welding, use Monel 60 filler wire.

Specifications: ASTM B17, B163, B164, B165, QQ-N-281, CLA, MIL-N-894, MIL-T-842, MIL-N-24106, MIL-T-23520, MIL-T-1368, AMS 4544, 4574, 4675, 4730, 7233. For ASME add "SB" prefix to ASTM spec. numerals.    

MONEL alloy K-500

Monel alloy is an age hardenable nickel-copper alloy which combines the excellent corrosion resistance of Monel 400 with the added advantage of greater strength and hardness. This alloy is non-magnetic to -150° Farenheit. Uses include chemical and marine shafts and equipment, valve seats, guides, springs, gears, and pulp scraper (Doctor) blades and fasteners.

Chemical Composition (Nominal %)
Nickel 66.5
Carbon 0.13
Manganese 0.75
Iron 1.0
Silicon 0.25
Sulfur .01 Max
Copper Balance
Aluminum 2.75
Titanium .60

Typical Mechanical & Physical Properties
Tensile Strength, psi (Hot Finished & Aged Bar) 160,000
Yield strength, psi (Hot Finished & Aged Bar) 130,000
Elongation, % (Hot Finished & Aged Bar) 24%
Specific Heat (Btu/Lb./°F)70°F .100
Thermal Expansion (In/In/°F x 10~6)70°F >7.6
Electrical Resistivity (Ohm/Circ. Mil/Ft)70° 370
Modulus of Elasticity, psi 26,000,000

This alloy should be welded when annealed and the weldment then stress relieved before aging. Curie temperature °F (annealed)-210 - (age hardened)- 150. Monel alloy K-500 should be welded with Monel 190 electrode or Monel 60 filler metal.

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