Plastic Products
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ABS, Cycolac
Machine parts and rollers.
Acetal, Delrin
Industrial wear and mechanical applications.
Packaging, graphic arts, greeting cards and many more.

Acrylic, Plexiglas
Half the weight of glass.


Rigid acrylic, Lexan or Plexiglass tube.
Also PVC or Tygon® flexible tubing.
Both indoor and outdoor signs.
Excellent electrical properties and may be machined to precise dimensions.
Kynar, Solef® (PVDF)
Highly resistant to oxidizing agents, halogens and extreme weather .
An excellent insulating material.
Excellent wear resistance.
Excellent chemical and fatigue resistance plus thermal stability.
Phenolic, Micarta, Textolite
Excellent dielectric strength.
Used in terminal boards, switches, bearings, gaskets, etc.
Polycarbonate, Lexan
Outstanding dimensional and thermal stability, exceptional machinability, stain resistant and non-toxic.
Polyethylene, UHMW
High chemical, water and abrasion resistance.
One example of use is for food cutting boards.
Compared to low or high density polyethylene, it has a lower impact strength, but superior working temperature and tensile strength.
Urethanes have replaced metals in sleeve bearings, wear plates, sprockets, rollers and various other parts, with benefits such as weight reduction, noise abatement and wear improvements being realized.
PVC - CPVC, Vinyl, Polyvinyl Chloride
PVC has a broad range of applications, from high volume construction related products to simple electric wire insulation and coatings.
Outstanding Dielectric properties. Radar lenses, missile guidance system housings, TV satellite dishes, microwave lenses, etc.
Widely used for electrical, mechanical and chemical applications.
Often used in bearings where bearing lubrication is undesirable.
Exceptional chemical, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.Low dielectric constants and dissipation factors.
High impact resistance and consistent clarity.
Weld-On adhesive
What the professionals use to join plastics.