rulon plastic

Rulon® is a specially compounded form of TFE fluorocarbon and other inert ingrediants.
Rulon A was introduced to the industry in 1952 as a plastic bearing material with low coefficient of friction and an excellant abrasion resistance to corrosion. It immediately found a great number of applications as a bearing material because it required no lubrication and was capable of performing under severe temperature (-400° to +550°F.) and corrosive conditions. Rulon A has a 1,000-fold increase in wear resistance over TFE, lower deformation under load, greater stiffness and higher compressive strength.

Today Rulon® is widely used for electrical, mechanical and chemical applications in industry.

Since the advent of Rulon A, a number of other formulations have been developed for special uses such as Rulon 123, 125, 142, 488, 641, 998, 999, DC1042, DC7035, AR, B, E, F, H, J, K, LR, W2, XL and II.

Most Rulons are available in numerous standard forms such as extruded rod, tubing, skived tape, molded rods and tubes, sheets and shapes molded to specifications. They are readily machinable in a manner similar to TFE and may be surface treated for bonding.

With the high cost of fluorocarbons, reducing the amount of material needed substantially reduces the cost of parts. For example, the use of Rulon® tape, wherever possible, provides low cost parts with all the advantages of a filled TFE fluorocarbon - better wear resistance, reduced deformation under load, and lower expansion characteristics.

Parts are made by stamping or post forming to the desired shape. Rulon's plastic memory is useful in insuring that a formed part provides a tight seal in service. Stamped washers can be formed into low cost lip seals with a memory, often making it possible to eliminate associated hardware. Pump cups so made of Rulon® can operate from -400° to +550°F. dry or in almost any fluid without swelling. Rotary rod-end seals can be formed by drawing out the I.D. of the washer over the rod to make a hat-shaped seal. Inexpensive Rulon® valve stem packings can be formed the same way.

Low cost bearings such as the T-Liner bearings pictured below are made of 0.015 to 0.030 inch tape, and are snapped into metal retainers, offering the same surface performance as massive pieces but with improved heat transfer, lower deformation and easy replacement. These bearings run unlubricated continuously at 20,000 PV* and intermittently at 50,000 PV. Tape bearings an be retained without their own holders by designing undercuts in the housing or shaft shoulders.

Slit Rulon® tape can be cut and wrapped around a piston ring groove to provide oilless cylinder operation. Such rings are low in cost, quiet and unaffected by most fluids.

Rulon® can be treated so that it is bondable (using epoxy adhesives) to most substrates such as wood or metal. This provides low-friction wear surfaces, half bearings and siding surfaces with the strength of the substrate. Tape can be bonded to rubber for seals and packings that combine the elasticity of rubber and the surface characteristics of Rulon®.

Rulon® tape is used as an abrasion barrier on high-temperature insulated wire.

Using Rulon® in thin sections allows for a variety of applications such as formed cups or seals, torque-control bushings, and clutch face plates.


Where to use Rulon®:

Low cost, high performance dry bearings for continuous service to 20,000 PV or intermittent service to 50,000 PV.
Low temperatures to -400°F., where oils are useless.
High temperatures to 550°F.
Corrosive substances, non lubricating fluids, high or low humidities.
Lubricated applications where wear may occur during starting and stopping.
Oscillating bearings or any case where stick-slip is undesirable.
Space and weight-saving applications.
Where bearing lubrication is undesirable or impossible.


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in/in/DegreeF X 10E-5 7.8
Deformation Under Load % 5 @ 1500 PSI
Elongation Percentage 175
Flammability UL 94 Non-Flammable
Hardness Durometer Shore "D" Scale D-60-75
Izod Impact ft lb/in 6
Specific Gravity 2.24
Tensile Strength Psi 2000
Water Absorption Immersion 24 Hours % 0



Deformation Under Load % 3.0@1500 PSI
Dielectric Strength Short Time Volts/mil 200
Elongation Percentage 180
Flammability UL 94 Non-Flammable
Hardness Durometer Shore "D" Scale D-60
Specific Gravity 1.95
Tensile Strength Psi 2000
Volume Resistivity ohm-cm 8.2 x 10E18
Water Absorption Immersion 24 Hours % 0


Coefficient of Friction Dry vs. Steel 0.15-0.25
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in/in/DegreeF X 10E-5 8.2
Continuous Service Temperature in Air °F 550
Deformation Under Load % 3.0 @ 1500 PSI
Dielectric Constant 60 HZ 2.5
Dielectric Strength Short Time Volts/mil 400-500
Elongation Percentage 150
Flammability UL 94 Non-Flammable
Hardness Durometer Shore "D" Scale D-60-75
Izod Impact ft lb/in 6
Specific Gravity 2.27
Tensile Strength Psi 1500
Volume Resistivity ohm-cm 1.0 x 10E15
Water Absorption Immersion 24 Hours % 0
Water Absorption Immersion Saturation % 0

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